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Pass DVD

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Ever wanted to study from the comfort of your living room?

Do you find computers difficult to use?

Have you got a DVD Player, a Playstation or an XBOX in your home?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then take a look at our new PASS DVD system.

In order to gain promotion every officer is required to Pass their police exams. Detail Technologies Ltd provide revolutionary UK police training packages that will guide you through every step of your police career. Pass DVD contains police promotion exam questions that will prepare you for your Centrex Ospre® exams.

PASS DVD is an invaluable product for all candidates sitting their OSPRE® Part 1 police promotion exams. PASS DVD gives examination style questions (for both the Sergeant and Inspectors police promotion exams), based on the current legislation. All Questions have comprehensive debriefs that explain what the right answer was to each question and why. The debriefs also give reference to the relevant legislation that is being tested via that question.

All of the debriefs contained within our products incorporate Case Law taken from the Blackstone Police Manuals. This will enable you to research a particular area of law in order to develop your understanding of that area.


  • Sit an Exam or Study session
  • Simple interface for users not comfortable using computers
  • Contains over 4000 new Questions (not included on any other of our products)
  • Easy to use on a DVD player, XBOX, XBOX360 or Playstation 2 console.

Overview of how the System Works:

PASS DVD works by the user obtaining an unlock code on their mobile phone, via SMS, to enable access to the system.

This unlock code is either charged at £10 per go for users purchasing a 'one-off' session, or it is free if you are a subscriber to PASS DVD (please note that normal mobile phone provider SMS rates apply)

Every go on PASS DVD is set with the user having 5 credits. The user loses a credit every time they answer a question incorrectly. Therefore if a user has purchased a session the more answers they get right the more test questions they are able to do.

A new unlock code will be required for every new test via purchase a session.

PASS DVD subscribers only need to obtain a new unlock code every time they restart their PASS DVD. Unlimited sessions can be completed in one go, via one unlock code, up to a timescale of 4 hours on subscriber. However after 4 hours it will be necessary to obtain a new unlock code.

Pass is all you will ever need to Pass your police Sergeants exam and/or police Inspectors exam!

*Further details of how to use PASS DVD, including the phone number to use for the SMS messages and what to send are included in the booklet provided upon purchase of PASS DVD.*

*The police exam questions contained within all of our products are fully in line with the Centrex Ospre® syllabus and the current Blackstones Manuals. They can be used for any of the police Ospre® Pt 1 exams and also the National Investigators Exam.*

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