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Pass is all you will ever need to Pass your police Sergeants exam and/or police Inspectors exam!

In order to gain promotion every officer is required to Pass their police exams. Detail Technologies Ltd provide revolutionary UK police training packages that will guide you through every step of your police career. Our Pass Quick Questions Interactive Program contains police promotion exam questions that will prepare you for your Centrex Ospre® exams.

Quick Questions is a software package designed to test your basic understanding of legal principles, by breaking down syllabus areas into either True or False statements. By understanding these underlying principles we believe you will be better equipped to use your knowledge to successfully answer a Part I National Examination question. Quick Question also covers the syllabus for the National Investigators Exam and is an ideal source of knowledge for any student undergoing the IPLDP.

Subscription options:

1 month subscription £42.99
3 month subscription £44.99
6 month subscription £69.99
9 month subscription £89.99

Quick Questions is fully configurable and operates in many different ways to suit your style of studying. You can choose to be asked True/False statements just on Crime, Road Policing, General Police Duties, Evidence & Procedure or select a combination of books, from which Quick Questions will make a random selection. Having selected the books you can even choose the Chapter and Subject areas.

Quick Questions Interactive can be used in conjunction with our other software products some of the features contained within our Pass Software include the ability to take National Mock Examinations that are designed to mirror the actual Ospre® police exams. You can also study specific areas of law via our police promotion questions (Silver and Gold Editions Only). You can also gain access to a police study timetable (Gold Only) that will take into account your shift patterns and hours available to study, so that you can rest assured that you will have learnt everything you need to prior to your Ospre® exam.

Pass police promotion software contains everything you will need to PASS your police promotion exams. It also covers the syllabus for the National Investigators Exam and is an ideal source of knowledge for any student undergoing the IPLDP. Once installed onto your computer you can align the program to whatever 'type' of student you are.

You can select the number of True/False statements presented to you each time

Quick Questions has been designed to allow you to enter your own True & False statements.

Our research has shown that one of the best ways to study for your Part I National Examination is to write your own 'test' statements. For example, suppose you were having a problem grasping the concepts of Incitement. One area of importance here would be that Incitement is a Serious Arrestable Offence, carrying a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. Thus, say for example you were having problems remembering this, then with Quick Questions you can construct your own statements to enable you to remember this fact. E.g. you could construct a True statement which reads "Incitement is a Serious Arrestable Offence" or "Incitement carries a maximum of 10 years imprisonment". You could also write some false statements such as "Incitement is an Arrestable Offence" or "Incitement carries a maximum of 5 years imprisonment".

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*All our products are designed for BOTH PC-SGT & SGT-INSPECTOR exams. Products are not listed separately. As all our products can be set to either the PC-SGT or SGT-INSPECTOR exam, based on which exam you are sitting.


All of the debriefs contained within our products incorporate Case Law   taken from the Blackstone Police Manuals. This will enable you to research a particular area of law in order to develop your understanding of that area.

*The police exam questions contained within all of our products are fully in line with the Centrex Ospre® syllabus and the current Blackstones Manuals. They can be used for any of the police Ospre® Pt 1 exams and also the National Investigators Exam.*

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