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Passonline Information

Pass is all you will ever need to Pass your police Sergeants exam and/or police Inspectors exam!

An Introduction to PASSONLINE

Our PASSONLINE system aims to help a candidate pass their relevant OSPRE® Part 1 exam by, primarily, allowing them to test their knowledge of the exam material.

They can do this by either by doing a Study Session on a specific area, a Practice Test at random on a book or a number of books, or even an actual mock National Exam. The Exam features 150 questions and is newly generated every Monday. This will ensure that the candidate is familiar with the format of questions used within their actual examination.

The PASSONLINE system also allows a candidate to create a Study Program around their shift pattern. They will then have a plan to follow that ensures they cover all of the material between the day they commence studying and the date of the examination.

PASSONLINE will keep a record of a person's performance whenever they answer a question. They can then analyse their strengths and weaknesses. They can also check their performance in the weekly national examination against that of their colleagues. In addition, PASSONLINE publishes a league table of all the different police forces in England and Wales using the program.

The Benefits of PASSONLINE

Our main selling point is that PASSONLINE does not offer a static number of questions. PASSONLINE generates 16,000 new questions every day. The benefit of this is that you can never get the same question twice. Because there is no repetition, you do not learn the question instead of the subject area.

The questions on PASSONLINE are written by Fraser Sampson and Glenn Hutton (the authors of the Blackstone Manuals) and as such this should give a greater continuity with our program and the Blackstone Manuals.

PASSONLINE provides greater flexibility and ease of use. The site can be accessed by the individual candidate on any machine with internet access.



When on the homepage your point of focus is the options in the toolbar at the top of the screen (with the grey background) and also the options just below them.

Study Mode

When you go into this mode you will be first asked what level of questions you require. The four options are Beginner, Intermediate, Standard and Advanced. These different levels reflect your knowledge levels.

Important: The Standard level of questions are the format of questions that will appear on the actual examination and, because of that, you must ensure that you answer the questions in this mode.

The Advanced level of questions are a more difficult option. The answer can be a combination of options, for example, A and B, whereas on the Standard level of questions there is only one correct answer. These Advanced questions provide a tougher method of study that should mean that the questions on the actual exam should seem easier in comparison.

After choosing the level of questions you will be asked to pick which book you want to study from. Click on the book that you require and you will be given a breakdown of all of the chapters within that book.

To answer questions within a chapter you need to click on one of the three icons that appear at the right hand side of the chapter heading. The icons represent your three options: PASS, Quick Questions and MCQ. PASS is the primary program. Quick Questions and MCQ are useful when you are new to studying and are ideal for easing yourself into your study program.

Please note that the mobile phone option allows you to receive questions via text message. This is the only feature of the program that is not included free of charge. Please contact us on 0870 800 2 999 to discuss pricing.

When you have clicked on your preferred icon you will be presented with a range of questions.

Practice Tests

There are two main differences between the Study Mode and Practice Test Mode:

1 - In Study Mode you can see the answer to a question straight after you have answered it, whereas in Practice Test Mode you must answer all of the questions before you can see the correct answers.

2 - Practice Tests give random questions from the books. You can not break down questions into a certain chapter like you can in Study Mode.

To do a Practice Test you must select the number of questions you require and put a tick in the box next to all of the books you wish to be tested on at that time.

On this screen you can also resume or review any previous tests you have undertaken.

The questions are then displayed and, when you have answered all of them, the program will tell you which ones you have answered correctly and which were wrong.

You can access the debrief to each question by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right hand side of the question.

My Analysis

This mode keeps a record of your performance. It shows you how many questions you have answered in each category and how many of those were correct. This is displayed through pie charts that you can click on to get more detailed information about which specific chapters are your strongest or weakest areas of study.

This is a very important mode on the program and it must be used to help you identify which areas you need to improve on. This will improve your performance when you come to sit your examinations.


This mode allows you to create a personalised study program based around your shift pattern to make best use of the time available.

National Exam Information

A 150 question three-hour mock national exam is hosted online every week.

A new exam is generated every Monday morning and you have all week to test yourself by completing it. If your time is limited you can answer some questions, leave the exam, then return later to exactly where you left off to complete the test. You do not have to complete the test in one three-hour session, although it is advisable nearer the actual examination date.

Sitting the Exam

After clicking on the National Exam icon you then need to click on "Sit this week's examination". The questions will then be displayed, either from question one or from where you last left the exam during a previous session that week.

The National Examinations are marked every Monday morning. The results will be posted on your homepage (displayed when you are logged into PASSONLINE) that day every week.

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The police exam questions contained within both Pass and Pass Online are fully in line with the Centrex Ospre® syllabus and the current Blackstones Manuals. They can be used for any of the police Ospre® Pt 1 exams and also the National Investigators Exam.

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