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Pass Online Silver Subscription

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Pass is all you will ever need to Pass your police Sergeants exam and/or police Inspectors exam!

In order to gain promotion every officer is required to Pass their police exams. Detail Technologies Ltd provide revolutionary UK police training packages that will guide you through every step of your police career. Our Pass Online Silver Edition contains police promotion exam questions that will prepare you for your Centrex Ospre® exams

Subscription options:

1 month subscription £50.00
3 month subscription £79.99
6 month subscription £84.99
9 month subscription £89.99

Pass police promotion software contains everything you will need to PASS your police promotion exams. It also covers the syllabus for the National Investigators Exam and is an ideal source of knowledge for any student undergoing the IPLDP.

Some of the features incorporated within the PASS ONLINE SILVER Edition include the ability to take National Mock Examinations that are designed to mirror the actual Ospre® police exams. You can also study specific areas of law via our police promotion questions. The PASS ONLINE SILVER Edition will give you access to a police study timetable that will take into account your shift patterns and hours available to study, so that you can rest assured that you will have learnt everything you need to prior to your Ospre® exam.


"PASS is a great system - and a great asset if you are studying. While other systems offering you questions and answers are flat and static, giving you the same question each time around, PASS brings the things to life, rewording the questions, testing whether you really understand the answer or if you've simply learned the question".

- Fraser Sampson - Editor and Author of the Blackstone Police Manuals


  • PASSONLINE is very easy to use (Video Tutorial: PASSONLINE).
  • Re-generates Millions of questions - every question is different! (Click here to try regenerating some PASS Questions).
  • Questions are based on the current syllabus.
  • All Questions contain comprehensive debriefs explaining what the correct answer was and why, with reference to the relevant legislation and/or stated case which was being tested.
  • Hall of Fame charts are displayed, where if you would like to have your results published, the system will compare your performance against others in your force using the system and others using PASSONLINE throughout England and Wales.


  • Dynamic Time Table Facility - Allows you to create a personalised study program based around your shift pattern, social commitments, how long you want to study on a particular day and most importantly based on how long you have left to study before your examination.

†PASSONLINE SILVER also contains all of the features contained within PASSONLINE Bronze

PASSONLINE is also available in Gold and Bronze editions:

Click here to learn more about PASSONLINE

*All of our products are designed for BOTH the SGT & INSPECTOR examination. Once you have specified your current rank our software will only ask you questions that are relevant for the examination you are studying for.

All of the debriefs contained within our products incorporate Case Law taken from the Blackstone Police Manuals. This will enable you to research a particular area of law in order to develop your understanding of that area.

*The police exam questions contained within both Pass and Pass Online are fully in line with the Centrex Ospre® syllabus and the current Blackstones Manuals. They can be used for any of the police Ospre® Pt 1 exams and also the National Investigators Exam.*



Customer Reviews
- I will definitely use this package for my inspectors exam - Geoff Waddoups
I used both the books and the PASS silver edition and passed at the first attempt. I will definitely use this package for my inspector's exam.
- Absolutely superb software - Robert Thorpe passed his Sgts exam using PASS
Absolutely superb software - passed first time, with only 2 1/2 months use of package.
- An excellent product - Jason Meacham passed his Sgts exam using PASS
My result sheet stated 99 of the candidates scored worse than you, an excellent product, thank you.
- I have recommended it to the Force I.T. Trainers for inclusion in the Force resource centre - McPhun
I needed your product to revise with, following my failure in the part two exam. I therefore only had ten weeks to revise and would not have passed without your help. I have worked with many other products including **** (name of company removed) and ******* (name of company removed) due to my previously working in the force training dept. Your's is the best and I have recommended it to the Force I.T. Trainers for inclusion in the Force resource centre. Thank you.
- I found that studying for the exam was made so much easier with PASS - Ian Murray Cassidy passed his Sgts exam using PASS
With the use of this easy to use programme I found that studying for the exam was made so much easier and having the ability to analyze your weak areas you are able to focus your attention on them, Thanks.
- Your material was fantastic - Dale Darby passed his Sgts exam using PASS
This is the first time I have studied since my probation 12 years ago your material was fantastic it helped to confirm the information which I had read in a practical way resulting in a pass in the top 10 thank you.
- Just a big thank you for the product that you offer - Jonathan Best
Just a big thank you for the product you offer. I have used it as a studying aid for both my sergeant's and inspector's exams and passed first time on both occasions. I think what was remarkable about the second time round for me was that I was only promoted to Sgt in June 2005 and was permitted only a few weeks to apply for the exam and study unlike the majority of the other candidates. If it were not for the quality of your product I honestly dont think I would have passed. THANK YOU!!!!
- I never even opened my Blackstone’s manuals - Tracie Trubshaw passed his Sgts exam using PASS
Having given birth two months before the exam, time was very, very limited. I never even opened my Blackstone’s manuals, just never had the time. So after reading Tom Barron's crammer books, I then spent one hour every other night on your system for about a month. Despite three hourly feeds every night and near exhaustion I passed! You must be doing something right! Thank you! I just wish you did something for Part 2 now!
- PASS gave me an insight into how the exam would go - Simon passed his Sgts exam using PASS
I took the exam in march this year and passed with a 71 mark, top 400 out of nearly 8000. The PASS programme I believe gave me a good insight into how the exam questions were written and how to solve ones I was'nt quite sure of. I would recommend PASS to anyone taking the part 1.
- The package and customer service were brilliant - Jason Ryder passed his Sgts exam using PASS
The quality of both the package and customer service has been superb throughout. An excellent package which I would not hesitate to recommend. Cheers!
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