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Pass - Question Generation Capabilities    

Why is PASS different to other products on the market:

 Infinite Regeneration of Questions

 You'll never answer the same question twice!

Every time you are presented with a question whilst using PASS, the program will re-generate the question again and again for you. This is what we call 'Dynamic Question Construction' as opposed to 'Static Question Construction'.

This ensures that you do NOT have a static database of questions. Which in turn means you will learn the subject and NOT the question .

'Static Questions' are questions which never change, e.g. if you do Question 1 one day and the answer is A, the next time you do Question 1 the answer will still be A. We believe that with 'Static Questions' you learn the question for it's associated answer, not why the answer is correct. You then have to ask yourself how useful is learning questions for their associated answers? Are you going to get the same question in the National Exam? We think not!

It is of far greater benefit to know the reason why the answer is correct! Then no matter what question is presented to you in the National Exam, because you have learnt the knowledge required via 'Dynamic Questions' then it doesn't matter how a National Exam question is presented to you then you should be able to answer it correctly.

Click here to try regenerating questions and see what makes PASS unique

Question Construction

In addition to our unique 'Dynamic Question Construction', PASS builds each question specifically to your current knowledge level. Therefore each question is built specifically to YOUR requirements, to test YOUR current level of understanding. This is done from a simple two answer option question (at Beginner level), to the most complex combination answer questions (at Advanced level). You have full control over the ability to regenerate your question in Beginner, Intermediate, Standard and Advanced levels. If you are new to the system you can choose to use the Beginner level and then when your confidence and knowledge grows you can move up to the Intermediate and Standard levels, finally progressing to the more difficult Advanced level of questions.

Please note Advanced question construction is only available in PASS GOLD Edition.

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