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PASS ONLINE Pack 2014 Bronze Edition

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Pass is all you will ever need to Pass your police Sergeants exam and/or police Inspectors exam!


In order to gain promotion every officer is required to Pass their police exams. Detail Technologies Ltd provide revolutionary UK police training packages that will guide you through every step of your police career. Our Pass Online Pack contains police promotion exam questions that will prepare you for your Centrex Ospre® exams.

Pass police promotion software contains everything you will need to PASS your police promotion exams. It also covers the syllabus for the National Investigators Exam and is an ideal source of knowledge for any student undergoing the IPLDP.

Some of the features incorporated within the PASS ONLINE PACK BRONZE include the ability to take National Mock Examinations that are designed to mirror the actual Ospre® police exams. The PASS ONLINE PACK BRONZE will also give you access to a police study mode that will enable you to study specific areas of law via our police promotion questions.


Subscription options:

1 month subscription £139.99
3 month subscription £144.99
6 month subscription £154.99
9 month subscription £173.99

The pack contains all of our products offering the option to have every aid at your disposal in preparation for your exam.

*Note PASSONLINE PACK GOLD contains both Quick Questions ONLINE and MCQ ONLINE. PASSONLINE PACK SILVER contains only MCQ ONLINE and PASSONLINE PACK BRONZE contains no additional ONLINE software products

Click here to learn more about PASSONLINE.

*All of our products are designed for BOTH the SGT & INSPECTOR exams. Once you have specified your current rank our software will only ask you questions that are relevant for the examination you are studying for.

All of the debriefs contained within our products incorporate Case Law taken from the Blackstone Police Manuals. This will enable you to research a particular area of law in order to develop your understanding of that area.

*The police exam questions contained within both Pass and Pass Online are fully in line with the Centrex Ospre® syllabus and the current Blackstones Manuals. They can be used for any of the police Ospre® Pt 1 exams and also the National Investigators Exam.*


Customer Reviews
- The results speak for themselves - Kathleen Ellis passed his Sgts exam using PASS
Sat Sgt's exam for first time after 10 yrs as PC. Used Pass, it was easily understood. Definitely worth the money as results speak for themselves.
- I’ve found it an essential study aid - Darren S Lomas passed his Sgts exam using PASS
The exam format was no surprise as a result of this software. I’ve found it an essential study aid, worth every penny!
- I would recommend this to anyone - Edward Boyle passed his Sgts exam using PASS
Finally done it! First time I have used this type of product. I would recommend this way of studying to anyone.
- A superb system - Watkins
Superb system, thank you. Very user friendly and so easy to apply to the exam.
- I would have achieved a higher mark had I bought PASS sooner - Graeme Roberts passed his Sgts exam using PASS
Excellent product, I feel I would have achieved a higher mark had I bought PASS sooner - I couldnt have passed without it, a worthwhile investment!
- I did questions on PASS which were identical to the OSPRE exam - Andy Whelan passed his Sgts exam using PASS
I used PASS and crammer book as well as Police Review. I only gave myself 8 weeks to revise so I didnt read through Blackstone’s, I just did loads of questions from the PASS which were, as stated, more or less identical to the OSPRE exam questions.
- Without your package I would have never passed - Yakub Ismail passed his Sgts exam using PASS
Without your package I would have never passed. This was my second attempt having previously used **** (name of company removed). I spent the same time using both packages. I passed with your's which is a credit for you. Your help desk was also brilliant. This was meant to be a short note, but THANK YOU.
- The PASS questions were absolutely invaluable - Al Perry passed his Sgts exam using PASS
Yes, I passed and found the PASS questions absolutely invaluable for backing up the knowledge from the Blackstone’s manuals. I initially baulked at the price of the gold package but it is literally worth its weight. I would not have passed without it.
- An excellent tool in the preparation for pt 1 - Sean Harvey passed his Sgts exam using PASS
An excellent tool in the preparation for pt 1 in march this year I have no hesitation in recommending your products to future students it worked for me! Shame nothing available for pt 2!
- I would definitely recommend PASS to others! - James Sheffield
I passed both my Sergeant's and Inspector's part 1 exam using PASS and would definitely recommend it to others!
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