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Blackstone Manuals 2014 & Question and Answer Books 2014 now available.

All the products we are now selling are the 2014 versions for the examinations next year.



Todays Crimequestion is based on the Crime Manual

Success story of Detail Tech’s police exam trainingThis technology was so revolutionary that when we first released the PASS product we won the HSBC, Daily Express and Sky News. Start Up Stars Award For Business.

All our products are aligned to SOCPA 2005
All of our products are aligned to SOCPA 2005 - Serious Organised Crime Police Act 2005 and the lastest Codes of Practice

81% of PC's and 83% of Sgt's passed their national exams in 2005 with PASS!  

Pass GuaranteeWelcome to Detail Technologies Ltd.

Provider of study materials for the OSPRE® Part 1 Police Examinations

Ospre police exam part 1 training CD-ROMDetail Technologies Ltd revolutionized the market of study CD-ROM's when we developed and released the PASS CD-ROM for the Sergeant's and Inspectors OSPRE® Part 1 Examinations.

PASS is a computerised Multiple Choice, Question and Answer program, that contains the same format and difficulty of questions as the Part 1 examination. Completing these examination style test questions is the best practice for passing the examination.

PASS is the ONLY program that has Millions of Questions on its database! "We guarantee a brand new set of questions every time you do an examination on PASS".

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Fraser Sampson“PASS is a great system - and a great asset if you are studying. While other systems offering you questions and answers are flat and static, giving you the same question each time around, PASS brings the things to life, rewording the questions, testing whether you really understand the answer or if you've simply learned the question”.

- Fraser Sampson - Editor and Author of the Blackstone Police Manuals

Our Products

We offer a wide range of products, so that you can choose the most appropriate methods of study for your needs. These products include Computer Software , Interactive DVD , Audio CD's , On-Line Services , Text Messaging to Your Mobile Phone & Books

Simply browse our online shop using the menus provided above, or view our Full Product & Price List here.

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We also offer a 'No Computer Pack' for those who do not have a PC!

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  Pass Online

PASS ONLINE is an on-line product that allows access to the question and program database via an website. It's convenient and easy to use!

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  Pass DVD

PASS DVD provides test questions and comprehensive debriefs for both the Sergeant and Inspectors police promotion exams.

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  No Computer Pack

The No Computer Pack is designed for those who do not have access to a computer or for those who do not feel comfortable using a computer.

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 Features of PASS:

              your study even easier. Click here to learn more about SARGE

Sarge: virtual police exam tutor * PASS is technologically far in advance of any other product on the market!


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HSBC Judges Comments

Detail Technologies have been successful so far, but their plans for expansion really are impressive.

Christopher Torney - Editor, Enterprise Express, Daily Express

"The success already enjoyed by previous finalists has placed them firmly in the public eye - many are now established as the new entrepreneurs to watch. "

- Nigel Griffiths (Small Firms Minister) - Daily Express 1st May 2003


Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide great customer service, providing unrivalled, comprehensive, invaluable computerised study aids, enabling you to PASS your examinations FIRST TIME.

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