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Pass is all you will ever need to Pass your police Sergeants exam and/or police Inspectors exam!

Customer Testimonials - See What Previous Customers Thought of our Products

PASS is a great system - and a great asset if you are studying. While other systems offering you questions and answers are flat and static, giving you the same question each time around, PASS brings the things to life, rewording the questions, testing whether you really understand the answer or if you've simply learned the question. Fraser Sampson - Editor and Author of the Blackstone Police Manuals

I have used your package for both my SGT 2003 and INSP 2006. On both occasions I have passed first time. Thank you very much. A brilliant product. - Mark Cousins (Passed his Sgt's and Insp's exam using PASS)

This is an excellent bit of kit and it helped me pass my Inspector's exam. I will continue to recommend this product to my colleagues. - Lee Porter (Passed his Insp's exam using PASS)

A quick line to let you know that I passed the Part One Inspector's Exam and I feel I would not have done it without your excellent Pass product. - Paul Street (Passed his Insp's exam using PASS)

Just wanted to pass my thanks and appreciation for your outstanding product. I passed my Sgt's in 2001 with the help of PASS and I have just now passed my Insp's. I could never get on reading the books, but once again your software along with the Q+A books have done it again. - Andy Sanford (Passed his Insp's exam using PASS)

I cannot study using books. I would never hav passed the Inspectors exam without using PASS. The online system and discs were the key part to me passing. - INSP Ian Hearne - South Wales Police (Passed his 2006 Insp's exam using PASS)

I used the PASS Exam Questions and MCQ exclusively in the last month of preparation. This gave me knowledge and confidence on the Exam day to gain a first time PASS. - PS Mark Uprichard - South Wales Police (Passed his 2006 Sgt's exam using PASS)

My overall pass mark was 100%, 0%the same, and 0% higher. I think the computer software works!! - Daniel Ash (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

I used pass to study for the 2006 sgts exam. I achieved a score of 93% and came second in the country. Highly recommended!! - PC Lynne Lewis, Northumbria Police

I have just passed the 2006 PART 1 SGTS exam, I used the PASS GOLD CD-ROM & also purchased the Q & A books. I have seen several sites but I am of the opinion the PASS questions bear the closest resemblance to those asked on the exam, helpful is the re-generation of questions that aid understanding of the subject. The Q & A books were a handy reference and knowledge refresher I used at work and home when unable to use the PC. Thanks PASS for helping me PASS a VERY hard exam! - Elizabeth Connor Police Constable

It is very useful - the endless questions and the explanations of the answers, along with the ability to be able to view your own performance makes it stand head and shoulders above anything else. - PS 2228 Jamie Hobday - Smethwick Police Station - West Midlands Police

Thank you. I've found the Part One Exam to be very similar to the questions contained on the PASS CD ROM and Question and Answer Books, therefore I found it easier to understand and do. I've also spoken to several colleagues, all of whom agree that PASS was and is spot on with the actual exam. Spoke to other colleagues who had used **** (name of company removed) and all thought that they should have used PASS instead - Andrew Nolan - Rugby


Choose "Pass" for this year's Insp's exam, after using "****" (name of company removed) previously for the Sgt's. Found "Pass" to be significantly better with its regeneration of questions to alter the scenarios; giving more in depth learning. Came in the top 11% - did exactly what it said on the tin! - Sgt Lee Essex, Sussex Police

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I'd tried a number of other products to help me pass my Part One of the Inspector's but compared to PASS they just did not meet the grade and thanks to PASS I am now looking forward to Part Two in May. - DS Marc Lamerton

I made my purchase pending the OSPRE™ SGTS PART I exam in March. I would like to state that I found PASS and the after sales service provided by your company to have been exceptional. I found PASS to be an excellent means of revision and subsequently passed my exam. I can honestly say that without PASS I would not have passed the exam. In the year since the exam I have been promoted to Sergeant and I have recommended your product to all of my friends and colleagues intending to take the exam. In addition I continue to use PASS as a means of reference to benefit my role as a Sergeant. - DC Rickie Botwright

Thank you so much for all the help and support that you gave me during my studying. Your product was the reason I passed! I have been extremely impressed with PASS and most of all your excellent level of customer care. I just wish the more mundane everyday companies and services took a leaf from your book. I have recommended your product to all of my friends and colleagues. I really do believe that I could not have got through the exam without PASS. - P.C. John Clee

PASS is simply the best computer package available on the market, a must for anyone who seriously wants to maximise their potential of passing their promotion exams. I used it to help pass my Inspector's exam and it helped reinforce learning in a far easier way then just reading the books could ever do. I'd thoroughly recommend this product. - Inspector 2963 Mark Hobrough

The PASS computer package was absolutely instrumental to my passing the Sergeants exam. I found the questions very topical and they tested a wide range of areas necessary to know for the exam. I feel that it increased my confidence tremendously and it simulated exam type questions and conditions teaching me the importance of time keeping and reading the questions correctly. In fact through basically my using of PASS I achieved a nationally exceptional score beating 99.7% of all candidates and I owe this to PASS and a large amount of practice. - PS 3349 Charlotte Hobrough

I am an area trainer at W.Yorskhire police and I ran a study group of five people from the timetable on the PASS GOLD 2005 CD ROM for the Sgt's exam. - Kevin Brighton

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I failed the exam in March using your competitors CD Rom and books that my force provides. I realised then that I had learnt the questions not the law. Regenerating the questions in PASS puts an end to this. I purchased PASS gold the day after getting my results. I was amazed when I sat my first PASS exam how like the real exam questions they were. Highly recommended and without doubt this took me to a higher level of understanding and got me through, thanks! - P.C. Pete Chisholm Corby Northants Police

I am pleased to say that I have passed my Insp Exam. That is both passes at Sgt and Insp levels at first attempts using the Pass software, a big Thank you! I have been spreading the word that Pass is the best as it makes you think of the question in several different ways and not just learn one answer. - Chris Newman

Thank you very much for your excellent product. I have found out this afternoon that I have been successful in the exam and passed, this was the sixth time I had sat the exam!! And am sure it was down to the way your system allows you to split each topic and cover it in depth unlike some other courses I have purchased in the past. Thanks again. - Jeremy Fitzgibbons PC 2596 S Yorks

I found the Gold edition of PASS invaluable when preparing for my OSPRE™ Part 1 Exam in March. I found it easy to use with and endless supply of questions to keep me focused. I passed the exam first time with a mark inside the top 10% of the entire country. - Lee Canty Police Constable

I found Pass to be an excellent product. The exam questions were written and presented in a strikingly similar way to the Ospre™ questions in the actual exam. It was the only product I used, I didn't even buy the Blackstone's manuals. and I passed first time with a very satisfying exam mark.
I will definitely be using Pass when I look for promotion to Inspector.
Keep up the good work! - Paul Jennings - Hampshire Constabulary

I recently used the Pass Gold edition as a tool to gaining a concrete learning experience. The system was easy to use and I believe the best on the market for any candidate who is serious about passing the Ospre™ Examinations. The questions are very similar to the questions used in the live examination. It certainly helped me secure a pass!! - Paul McCurry Police Sergeant South Yorkshire Police

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I passed with an overall rating of 98% of entrants scoring lower than myself. A superb product that I cant praise highly enough. I will definitely be back to get a new copy for my Inspectors exam in a couple of years time. I don't find studying easy and I don't believe I would have got anywhere near my result without your product. Many thanks. - APS 1862 J Davis

Dear Sir, Just a short note to say that I am a Constable in Merseyside Police, I only have two and a half years service in the police and thanks to PASS, I have just been successful in this years Sergeant's part 1 exam. I found the questions and scenario's in your package to very similar to the ones in the exam and due to the practice at answering this type of question (and a lot of hard work and preparation), I attained a pass with no less than 92% finishing lower than I did overall. I used the gold edition of PASS and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of sitting the exam in the future as it is well worth the money. Once again, many thanks. - Paul Holden - Merseyside Police

I'm not the sort of person who can study by reading books but by using PASS, studying is more interesting and enjoyable, therefore making it more beneficial. PASS is user friendly especially as I am computer illiterate. PASS brings up many combinations of questions which always challenges my understanding of the law. I am so impressed by PASS I have no hesitation in recommending it for any other officer studying for their Part I Exams. - PC Paul Union - The Bay - 'C' Division - South Wales Police

I first sat the sergeants exam in March 2000, my only aide to study was through the Police Review, following their program and then answering the weekly seven questions, quite simply, it wasn't enough. Despite six months of what I considered to be hard study I realised how unprepared I was when I left the exam. Months later received the letter which opened with the word 'sorry'. The attraction to the PASS program is that it offers you a massive range of questions and answers, backed up by detailed debriefs explaining the answers you have chosen or should have. You can attune the program to remain on a subject that may be giving you some difficulty, or set it to challenge your knowledge at a higher level, it's very flexible. Plus it gives the user the ability of revising the subjects covered as and when you wish. Most importantly, it's user friendly, and the technical support is good should you find difficulty in operating the program. - PC Andy Stevens - Eastern Traffic - South Wales Police

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I passed my Sergeant's Part 1 first time and within 18 months, I have been promoted. I thoroughly enjoyed revising as it was made so much easier with the CD ROM. I have recommended your products to colleagues and have just bought your products again to prepare for my Inspector's exam. - Ian Arrowsmith Sergeant, Lancashire Police

Just to let you know that, with the assistance of your product I achieved a pass in the recent Sergeant's Part 1 exam. I managed to hit a score of 99% in GPD and an overall score of 97%. Many Thanks. - Stu Leadbeater

Generally found the package a very useful aide and helped greatly with understanding and preparation for the exam. Money well spent! Would be happy to recommend it to my colleagues wishing to sit exam in the future. Many thanks. - Gary Da Costa - Humberside Police

Pass was very easy to use and I feel that it helped me pass my exam first time around. Its good not to have questions that are static and it gave me a realistic exam percentage to aim at as my actual exam result fell within the percentages I had been achieving on your program, thanks. - Mark Cleghorn Police constable 1585 Humberside police

This package is brilliant. For anyone serious about promotion it has to be worth the cost! One hour a day using pass will help understanding far more than one hours reading. - PS 3917 Jones

Before taking the part one exam this year for the first time, I had not studied for 15 years. It really showed when I used the books but using PASS, for me, was a lot easier and brought things to life. Without any doubt this went a long way to me passing the exam. I would recommend PASS to others - If I can get 93% overall then it can help anyone!!!! - Aps Karl McDERMOTT - Herts Police

I found this system a great help, the multi choice questions can be focused to the topics you require. Pass also allows you to check your progress and see how you are learning, without this system I don't think I could have passed, excellent. Thanks Detail Technologies. - PC Richard Hill suffolk

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Your system was brilliant and helped me get a good pass mark in the recent Sgt's exam. - Rob Wood

Having studied extensively using PASS, I was thrilled to pass the Sgts exam - first time!!! I have to say how thorough the study program was on PASS and I am sure without the methodic schedule I would not have passed as I did. Thank You very much for an extremely good product!!! - PC Nigel Tompsett

I would just like to pass on my thanks to you. I purchased your Pass Part 1 Gold to help me study for this years Inspector's exam. I have just been informed that I passed and your product helped a great deal. I also found the support a great help, who helped me sort out a few problems I had caused!!! - Colin Walker - SGT

I've just had the result of my Inspector's Exam. It is a PASS. Could I give a big thank you to you and your team for the services and help you provided. I did all my revision from the disc and via the internet connection. It gave me the help and motivation I needed to get through a very difficult process.
Thank you once again. - Nigel Crates

I am just writing to express my thanks to you in assisting me to pass my recent Sgt to Inspector's Part 1 exam. I found your questions very good preparation and to be a good grounding for the exam on the day. - Mr D.I.Richardson - Sgt

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of the support that you gave me throughout my study period. I passed Ospre™ Pt1 at the 6th attempt (but
only the first time I had used pass!) Funny old thing, some of the
questions on the actual exam were almost identical to those on your
product!!! I will give 'pass' a big thumbs up and recommend it to my friends who are going to study for next year. Roll on pt 2!! - Simon Goldsmith - PC

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This product helped me pass my National Detectives Exam as well as my Sgt's. Would not have passed without it. - Claire Baxter-Jones South Wales

I must say a really big thank you to you and your PASS Part 1 which was a major factor in my recent success at Part 1 of the Inspector's exam. Only Part 2 to do now and if you have anything that will help, I'm more than willing to put it to the test.

Good luck with your future ventures. - Nigel Brock

Having now used the disc over the last few days I must say it is very impressive and easy to use. - Sgt. Mark Vaughan

It is the only OSPRE™ software that allows you to gear up and down, from beginner to advanced question settings, at your own pace. - P.S.4574 Gordon Lynch MOD Police

I'm impressed with the layout and presentation, I only hope I can do it justice in the exam. - Paul Ainscough

Thank you for the excellent package and support. - Brian Scott

Well, well, well. I passed my Inspector's exam! There were only 7 or 8 passes in South Wales and I was one of them. Flippin' 'eck eh? - John Diffy - Police Sergeant

After several attempts to PASS the Sgts Part 1 Exam, I used your product to generate & print off Questions / Answers & Debriefs. I find this easier to learn from than just reading the books. I don't have to be stuck in front of the computer, waiting for my kids to moan that its there turn to go onto the computer!

I today opened that envelope we all dread arriving, & discovered to my surprise that I had passed!

I can only endorse your product with praise. Its easy to install, use and most importantly learn from. Your web site is well designed & gives you all the information you require and contact numbers if needed. Thanks again. - Barry Thomas Police Constable

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Thanks DT. I have never been the sort to sit with a book for hours reading it,in fact they send me to sleep. I took the part 1 exam using the PASS disk and found the whole setup easy to use and VERY educational. Guess what!I passed with only 4 weeks study. Pass enabled me to identify weak areas of my knowledge and concentrate my study to maximise my chances of passing. - Alan Piercey PC 209EK Metropolitan Police

Just passed my national detectives exam, helped no doubt by Detail Technologies. - Gareth Thornton DC

I purchased your pass computer package to assist with my study for the OSPRE™ part 1 exam in march. Today I received an advert for your updated package for and thought you might be interested to know that I passed the exam in March. Not only did I pass it but I got the highest mark in the COUNTRY! - JOHN NELMS Hertfordshire Police

Just wanted to write and say thanks. I based my studying on the package rather than the Blackstone books. I thought that the package was very good. I did the tests every day and got a great a confidence boost towards the end when I started to pass them regularly. Also, I thought the revision books were excellent. Overall again, thanks very much. - Paul Kerr (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)


Having just sat the exam for the first time and tried both PASS and "****" (name of company removed). I would say PASS is more in lie with the exam format. The questions are harder on PASS which tests the right areas. I passed first time with PASS. - Anthony Hubbard

I found the package brilliant and without doubt it is this that has given me the result I wanted. Keep up the good work. - Ralph Harris (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

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This is the first year I was eligible to take the exam and I passed having done better that 82% of candidates. I used pass almost every day to the exam in March. The timetable facility was a great help. An excellent product. Thanks. - Martin Mundy (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Passed in the top 2%. thanks and the style of questions were almost exactly like the exam. - Augustin (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

I am pleased to say that I have been one of the successful candidates sitting the OSPRE Inspector's Part 1 examination this year. Your assistance both through quality of product and service has been invaluable in gaining this success and I would like to thank you for all your help. I am sure that your organisation is destined to grow and grow, improving on the already widely held belief that it is a trusted and knowledgeable company, skillful in its help to Police staff undertaking the OSPRE syllabus.  - Iain Chorlton (passed his Inspector's exam using PASS)

I came in the top 5% in the country. Well worth the money spent. - Steve England (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

I got the top score in the country after using pass gold edition. - Andrew Carter (passed his Inspector's exam using PASS)

I used your product last year to pass my Insp exam. It was so good I have signed up again for my partner. This new package is even better! Good to see discounts for old customers. - Chris Hill

I needed your product to revise with, following my failure in the part two exam. I therefore only had ten weeks to revise and would not have passed without your help .I have worked with many other products including "****" (name of company removed) and "*******" (name of company removed) due to my previously working in the force training dept. Yours is the best and I have recommended it to the Force I. T. Trainers for inclusion in the Force resource centre. Thank you. - McPhun

After several attempts at Part 1, I passed two years ago using PASS. Unfortunately, I failed Part 2 twice and now have to re-sit Part 1. I'm going to use PASS again. - Richard Lloyd

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Absolutely superb software - Passed first time, with only 2 1/2 months use of package. - Robert Thorpe (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

I passed (overall 96% got lower than me) I am hoping with your help to do as well in this years Sgt to Insp exam. - Mark Prince (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Disc was excellent, nearest thing to the real exam questions as I've seen. - Anthony Edwards (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

This is the first time I have studied since my probation 12 years ago your material was fantastic it helped to confirm the information which I had read in a practical way resulting in a pass in the top 10% thank you. - Dale Darby (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Sat Sgt's exam for first time after 10 yrs as PC. Used Pass, it was easily understood. Definitely worth the money as results speak for themselves. - Kathleen Ellis (passed her Sgt's exam using PASS)

I used both the books and the PASS silver edition and passed at the first attempt. I will definitely use this package for my inspectors exam. - Geoff Waddoups

The exam format was no surprise as a result of this software. I've found it an essential study aid, worth every penny! - Darren S Lomas (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

With the use of this easy to use program I found that studying for the exam was made so much easier and having the ability to analyse your weak areas you are able to focus your attention on them,Thanks.  - Ian Murray Cassidy (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

My result sheet stated " 99% of the candidates scored worse than you", an excellent product, thank you. - Jason Meecham (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Finally done it! First time I have used this type of product. I would recommend this way of studying to anyone. - Edward Boyle (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

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Superb system, thank you. Very user friendly and so easy to apply to the exam. - Watkins

An all round sound product that certainly helped me pass the part one Sgt's with an overall pass of 93%. - Karl McDermott

Just found out today that I passed at my first attempt 20 years after passing the Sergeant's exam. I found your program very easy to use. Thanks. - Lee Harding

Thanks for the help, wouldn't have passed it without your Gold Package, much better than a rival's product I used the year before - Pete Rowe (passed his Inspector's exam using PASS)

Excellent product, I feel I would have achieved a higher mark had I bought the CD sooner - I couldn't have passed without it, a worthwhile investment! - Graeme Roberts (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Throughout my life of sitting exams, This was by far the hardest. Hard because It appears that interpretation of the questions is high on the agenda before the knowledge is required to answer the question. I must thank PASS for assisting me in understanding the format as well as the knowledge that was required to pass the OSPRE Pt1. I would recommend the software to anyone. Thanks.  - Pete Steele (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Used PASS and a crammer book as well as Police Review. I only gave myself 8 weeks to revise so I didn't read through Blackstone's, I just did loads of questions from the PASS CD which were, as stated, more or less identical to the OSPRE exam questions. - Andy Whelan (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Thanks, I can say that during your mock exams I was scoring 80 - 90 % and in the exam in March 2004 I scored 86.4 %. It would seem that your questions are well in line with those on the Ospre exam. In relation to other candidates 99.3% scored lower than me so the mark I achieved by a lot of hard work and using your package certainly paid off. I will be in touch after I have passed part 2 and when I am looking to do Sgt to Insp. (fingers crossed). DC Williamson

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Without your package I would have never passed. This was my second attempt having previously used "****" (name of company removed). I spent the same time using both packages. I passed with yours which is a credit for you. Your help desk was also brilliant. This was meant to be a short note, but THANK YOU. - Yakub Ismail (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

I purchased the Gold edition and found the system to be an excellent aid to study. I would recommend all future candidates should use the Pass system to increase the chance of gaining a pass. I certainly recognised questions in the Ospre examination. Many Thanks. Paul McCurry (passed his Inspector's exam using PASS)

Yes I passed and found the computer disc and questions absolutely invaluable for backing up the knowledge from the Blackstone's manuals. I initially baulked at the price of the gold package but it is literally worth its weight. I would not have passed without it. - Al Perry (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

I checked the competitors software and this was the only one where the questions came close to that of the exam. A big help. - Tyrone Taylor (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Just a quick line to say thanks. The quality of both the package and customer service have been superb throughout. An excellent package which I would not hesitate to recommend. Cheers! - Jason Ryder (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

I took the exam in march this year and passed with a 71% mark, top 400 out of nearly 8000. The PASS program I believe gave me a good insight into how the exam questions were written and how to solve ones I wasn't quite sure of. I would recommend PASS to anyone taking the part 1. - Simon (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

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Having given birth two months before the exam, time was very, very limited. I never even opened my Blackstone's manuals, just never had the time. So after reading Tom Barrons crammer books, I then spent one hour every other night on your system for about a month. And despite three hourly feeds every night and near exhaustion I passed!!!! You must be doing something right!! Thank you!! (I just wish you did something for Part 2 now!) - Tracie Trubshaw (passed her Sgt's exam using PASS)

I failed the exam in March using your competitors CD Rom and books. I purchased PASS Gold the day after getting my results. I was amazed when I sat my first PASS exam how like the real exam questions they were. Highly recommended and without doubt this took me to a higher level of understanding and got me through thanks! - Pete Chisholm (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Excellent tool in the preparation for Pt 1 in March this year. I have no hesitation in recommending your products to future students it worked for me!! Shame nothing available for Pt 2! - Sean Harvey (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

I passed both my Sergeant's and Inspector's part 1 exam using your software and would definitely recommend it to others!  - James Sheffield

Just a big thank you for the product you offer. I have used it as a studying aid for both my sergeant's and inspector's exams and passed first time on both occasions. I think what was remarkable about the second time round for me was that I was only promoted to Sgt in June 2005 and was permitted only a few weeks to apply for the exam and study unlike the majority of the other candidates. If it were not for the quality of your product I honestly don't think I would have passed. THANKYOU!!!! - Jonathan Best

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Thanks, my wife was having our second child at the time so I did not have much time to study! But having the Gold disc from you helped remarkably, without the discs I don't think I would have passed! Thanks again. - Dean Reid (passed his Sgt's exam using PASS)

Questions in your program were very close to the style used in the exam. The feedback from each test in your program was very useful. - Jonathan Smith (passed his Inspector's exam using PASS)

Studied for 3 weeks prior to exam using pass 2006 - Would not have passed without this product. Many thanks. Richard Wagner

The police exam questions contained within both Pass and Pass Online are fully in line with the Centrex Ospre® syllabus and the current Blackstones Manuals. They can be used for any of the police Ospre® Pt 1 exams and also the National Investigators Exam.

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